Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Skirts and Dresses

Chiara went off to school once more and I went for lunch with a friend from home. I ate what felt like my weight in food!

Chiara wears: White shirt- vintage, dress- Urban Outfitters, black belt- old, frilly socks- Topshop, brogues- Doc Martens

The layering of the plain white shirt adds a little something to the dress which is a contrast to the dark patterns on the dress. Chiara has created a cute 'school girl' outfit which can be worn anywhere!

The pattern on the dress reminds me of an old 'carpet' type pattern. It gives the image that the dress is vintage which coordinates well with Chiara's style and wardrobe. The belt brings in her stomach and shows off her hips which is very flattering for her figure. 

Charlotte wears: Black chiffon top- Monki, elephant pendant necklace- Amazon, skirt- H&M, black suede boots with tassels 

The top is so versatile and can be worn in a more formal situation, teamed with a skirt or can be worn with jeans during the day. It's simplicity works well with the skirt I feel, the skirt's asymmetrical striped pattern takes most of the focus which was what I was aiming for. The length of the necklace is one of my favourite lengths I teamed the skirt with a big pendant which colour coordinates with the outfit. I believe it balances out the outfit and finishes it off in a light-hearted way, suggesting a slight informality. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Separate ways

It was Chiara's first day back at school and so we had to go our separate ways! I (Charlotte) went down to London again. Got a hair cut, looked around Spitalfields and just did this and that.

Charlotte wears: black chiffon tee-shirt (Monki), cream blazer (H&M), acid wash jeans (Topshop), brogue shoes (Doc Martens)

The outfit consists of basic colours with the top and bottom being coordinated. I really enjoyed wearing this as it has such a 'smart-casual' feel. 

The blazer I bought when I was on a shopping trip with my friends. (Thank you Christmas gift card!) I have always loved blazers and have been looking for a cream one for a very long time. It is so versatile and girly which I love! 

DMs are featured once again in a post! It cannot be helped as they have such a great sense of timelessness. We love the brown and white put together with a 'granny style' blazer as it reminds us of Fred Astaire and a time of classy dressing, song and dance.

Chiara wears: blue shirt with gold buttons (vintage), black belt (old!), patterned skirt (Motel Rocks), shoes (Office)

 This is my first outfit that I wore at sixth form- as we have to dress relatively smart, I spend a lot of my time in dresses or skirts! This was Grandma's shirt and has a really intricate pattern down each side.The simplicity of the shirt compliments the loud pattern on the skirt. By putting a belt around the top of the skirt it brings in my waist. The a-line skirt and the belt creates the illusion of an hour-glass figure that most women dream of having! Finally, I think that everyone needs a simple pair of black flats, I prefer a brogue over pumps any day!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Signing out,

Charlotte & Chiara xxx

Monday, 6 January 2014

First Outing

Our first outing after Christmas day we had a trip to London. We were lucky to get some pretty things for Christmas so we obviously took the trip to London as an opportunity to wear our new bits and pieces.

Charlotte wears: A black biker coat (Mint Velvet), representing Scotland with tartan scarf (Edinburgh Woolen Mill), top (American Apparel), black jeans (United Colors of Benetton), grey Doc Martens

In this outfit I teamed together charcoal greys with ash black. I admire designers such as Alexander Wang who have the ability to make a minimalist piece and simple colours so powerful. Inspired by this, I created a look consisting of a few basic shades which I hope compliment each other successfully. 

Despite the asymmetrical structure of the biker coat, it adds a strange sense of femininity to the outfit, contrasting with the top which is loose-fitting.

Both Chiara and I are obsessed with Doc Martens and I am sure they will appear a great deal in the future! They are comfy, stylish, practical and versatile! They are a necessity in my wardrobe!

Watch (Urban Outfitters), bracelet (Pandora) 
I love this watch which I got for Christmas!  The faux alligator strap and the gold outline makes this accessory 'retro'. The odd 'retro' purchase can make an outfit unique.

Chiara wears: floral dress (Motel Rocks), black biker boots (Kurt Geiger), black tights

This dress from Motel Rocks is instantly feminine as the rose pattern dominates the dress. The cute black collar also fits in with the popular style at the moment. We have seen lots of people wandering around London with jumpers with a shirt collar peeping over the top. This preppy feature can now be altered to suit a style you're comfortable with!

The loose-fitting and positioning of the waist band turns away from traditional dresses 'housewife' image of the 1950s. The dress and the look now becomes slightly more edgy which clashes perfectly with the floral pattern.

These boots are amazing! The biker style gave this outfit a complete different feel- a mix of girly and grunge! Black boots are also versatile are a great thing to own!

Rings (from left to right): Ring with semi-precious stone (vintage), silver ring with blue stone (shopdixi), thumb rings (old!!!), Silver band ring (vintage), ring on pinkie finger (topshop)

I love wearing an assortment of rings, they are simple and I can where most of them with any outfit. Rings are my favourite accessory and you can never have too many!

Signing out,
Charlotte & Chiara xx

This is where we begin

As The 1975 would say: "So this is how it starts" (felt that a lyric was appropriate!) This is where we begin our blog,  through this we hope to be able to show how our styles change in relation to the trends of the time. We have always had a keen interest in the exciting world of fashion and we believe that blogging is a way we can express this! It also gives us the opportunity to have fun and be creative! Hope you all enjoy it! 

Signing out,

Charlotte & Chiara xx